Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike XXL, a film that promises dancing, good music and topless men. What girl wouldn’t want to see that?

I spend hours everyday listening to music. Currently one thing that is in my spotify’s favorites list is the Magic Mike XXL album. If watching a film of male dancers wasn’t good enough the album certainly makes it so. A mixture of current and older hits that you already know the words to, it’s an album that you can put on in the car and belt out (very badly if you’re like me).
If you haven’t heard the album yet it’s well worth a listen, here are my favorite songs:

Pony – it’s just so upbeat and easy to dance too, how could you not love it?
Heaven – Sung by Matt Boomer, the classic song that you have to sing along too, and who knew Matt Boomer had the voice of an angel?
Gooey – A song by Glass Animals that has been on my playlist since before seeing the film, an awesome indie band that makes a great addition to the album.

The film itself is great, there is a feel good story line that will make you smile this Christmas, with a star-studded cast you can’t not enjoy it.

There is still time to grab yourself, your best friend or your significant other a copy for Christmas

Magic Mike XXL out now on DVD, Digital Download and Blu-ray