Discovering Korean Beauty Products

I recently came in contact with some amazing  South Korean products thanks to a family friend. I have been blogging about beauty since I was 14, so discovering new products especially those from different continents is always exciting. It's exciting because it differs so much to the products we are used to here in the UK. The colours, formulas and general products are totally different.

For starters I have to talk about the character masks, they are amazing! Forget halloween, I stayed in and put on a character mask and channeled my inner Panda wearing my insanely cute and good for my skin face mask.

The foundation and skin products are perfect for my oily skin, they stay put all say and there is no shine, I find they create an even skin tone too. I am in love!

Overall trying out these South Korean bits has been amazing, and it's actually changed my skin routine for the better.


  1. Hey,
    I think the Charakter Masks would be really funny. The other products are also looking really nice. I think the blue colored nailpolishes are my favourites.
    Love, Lea

  2. I am a keen observer who is always eager to know about the trendy products used for skincare in differernt countries. When I was going through your blog I found posts about skin care beauty products used in Korea and America. I really appreciate your work.

  3. I have been hearing all about Korean beauty products and how amazing they are! The masks look adorable and I bet you had a ton of fun with them! I've heard that Korean beauty is about 15 years ahead of everyone else and everyone else is just trying to catch up! Who knows if its true because I heard it on TV but it would be very interesting if it is!

    Shannon Sage

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  6. Well, we all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but of course we still need to take care of ourselves to have physical beauty.

  7. Korean beauty products are amazing and affordable. I love them too.

  8. Korean beauty products are amazing and affordable. I love them too.

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