Review Code FFL

I have never tried a pre mascara plumper before in my life. So testing out Code's brand new Lash plumper was a totally new experience for me and I obviously didn't have anything to compare it to, however from what I have tried I am never going back, this has become a makeup bag staple for me.

I have always hated fake eye lashes, I find them incredibly hard to put on and I also think they look really synthetic. Code's Pre plumper is called "Forget Fake Lashes" which I instantly found very promising. I have been really lucky and I've been born with really long eyelashes, so I tested this pre plumper on myself and also on my Mum as she has much shorter lashes than I (Thanks for being my Guinea Pig Mum). I found that my lashes looked fuller and more plumped and my mum found her eyelashes were much longer.

"How is the all possible?" I hear you ask. The formula on the beige coloured wand above is very creamy and fibre based which helps to lengthen and plump the lashes, it also contains a softening agent which promotes anti-flaking and cracking. Finally what's really great is that it's not tested on animals, which is something I find really important.

AN 8ml tube of Code FFL pre plumper retails for £18 here.