Problems of a teenager; You're not alone

When writing I always focus on the “beauty” of teenage beauty blog, the “teenage” part is only briefly touched on. Which is bad on my part, because teenage is a vital part of my blog. I wrote this blog because I was (and still am) a lost teenager; I lacked a voice, confidence and a passion. The thing is when you're a teenager the easiest thing to do is to forget that you are not alone. Every problem no matter how small, from a boy, to a pimple, to wonky eyeliner can really affect you, it seems shallow but it can change the way you view yourself, it can change how you feel about yourself and mostly it can change the way you see the world.

I think one-thing adults forget is that being a teenager is tough. We are all unpredictable creatures, it can be hard to find ourselves and that’s what all of us are doing we are blindly trying to find our place in society. School teaches us many things, but at the end of the day it’s down to us to teach ourselves to be the person we want to be. Every choice we make will all accumulate to the person we become as adults. I am now 18, and by law I am an adult, but I am still a teen. I currently face one of the last defining obstacles of adolescence; university. To go or not to go, and if I do what do I study? The choice I make over the next 6 months will shape my future; there will be no going back. But I’m not worried, because I know out there is thousands, millions of other 18 year olds making that leap, and it’s called a leap because it’s not meant to be easy.

Being a teenager can sometimes feel like your world is crumbling and only belting out Beyoncé or Adele can save you…but you’re not alone. Here is a list of issues all teenagers go through.

1)   TV VS. Reality – Thanks to the Netflix, Now TV and Amazon Prime we have access to hundreds and thousands of TV shows and films at our finger tips. Now I love a good Rom com like any other girl, however the depiction of certain things never quite live up to real life.  Your first kiss for example…
TV: Does your leg pop up and you do a little kick as doves fly above your heads? Sadly not (and if this happened to any of you I can only say I am impressed).
Reality: You kiss behind the spider invested school shed, whilst snagging your tights on some old fencing and moments later the grounds keeper finds you.

2)   Mean Girls – No I am not talking about the popular (and classic) film starring Lindsey Lohan. As teens all of us at some point with mean girls, because apparently by nature many people say girls can be “bitchy”, now I do disagree with this, however there some girls that really can be “bitchy” and each one of us has probably had deal with one or two. When it comes to Mean girls, the best thing is to take the high road, however their comments really can make you feel bad about yourself, the chances are they are feeling pretty negative about themselves and just projecting it out onto others.

3)   The Talk – Oh that wonderful awkward moment when your parents sit you done for the most uncomfortable hour(s) of your life, where you discuss the Birds and the Bees. Mine happened pretty early on, I was 8 to be exact and I was on my way to boarding school (which I didn’t end up attending) anyways it’s a long and uncomfortable story, but everyone has to have to talk eventually, and it’s just as awkward for them as it is for you, plus they’re just trying to keep you safe, permanently scarring you is just a bonus.

4)   Spots – Everyone gets them. When puberty strikes so do spots. It’s just a part of your body adjusting, they’re annoying and can be painful…but guess what; we’ve all had them too. It can make you feel bad about yourself, ugly and negative, but they’re not permanent and they will go away.

5)   The future – We all experience slight hiccups when growing up. It can’t just be smooth sailing all the way through your life. Whether it’s deciding what subjects to take for GCSE, to go to university or not knowing what the hell to do with your life. It can make you feel totally lost and confused, because deciding what the right path is for you and your future is hard, at the end of the day none of us is psychic so you will never truly know, the best thing you can do is make sure you’re happy and follow your heart.

Of course there are so many more things we all go through, I’m 18 and I still struggle through some of this, but it gets easier. There a ton of trials and tribulations that come with becoming a teenager, but we all have to do it, I am ding it, your Mum has done it, so has your Grandmother and even your next door neighbour.


  1. Teenagers are a wonderful time, but they must be good at keeping themselves in an association. If they choose the wrong path, then it will make a destruction for their future.

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