10 Corso Como, You Rule my Heart

I work in Allsaints, a job I love. Everyday I see and speak to new people where we talk about clothes, documentaries and even Law degrees. Fairly recently I was speaking to a customer who turned out to be a Parisian fashion designer, she told me that the fashion industry runs on passion, and that the passion in which I speak about the industry should filter into my writing. She told me that "some people won't get it, they wont understand the passion, but that should never stop you because it's what will get you far."
It's one conversation that has stuck with me, because it's one that is so true.

10 Corso Como is something I am passionate about. It's a place that means a lot to me because my Step Father introduced it to me. As you enter the Milan store it's like to enter another dimension. Every single square foot has attention to detail, it is completely design lead to the point that it doesn't feel like a store, it feels like a gallery. It's effortless and quirky and filled with collaborations,some of the best designers (in my opinion), music and art. Their own branding is niche illustrations, which are all over the ground floor. They've collaborated with massive brands from Gap to Comme to Lacoste. I fist started loving the store over 3 years ago, thats when I set eyes onto the 10 Corso Como X Superga sneakers. I have wanted these shoes for the past 3 years, which feels like a life time. Finally however I have them and the wait is over.

So there it is a poorly constructed rambling paragraph about something I am really passionate about. You may not understand it, but that's okay. I do.