The Real New York Royalty

I am not alone when I say I have watched every Gossip Girl episode at least twice. It’s not just because there is this sassy mystery blogger involved, or because every guy starring in it is unfairly attractive…no it’s the story. These New York Socialites who have access to amazing clothes, people and are the closest things America has to royalty. Living in a city that never sleeps these kings and queens are no myth, there is such a thing as New York Royalty, no they don’t live in castles, they do however live at the top of extremely tall towers, they’re called Penthouses, and they really do live in fairy tales.

Forget about the ladies of Sex & The City, these are the real girls you should be following. These notable New Yorkers are culturally inspirational and have the lives we can only dream about, where closets full of Prada is a reality and dinners and Nobu is like a McDonald’s takeaway. Let’s meet the princesses of Manhattan.

Kick Kennedy – For starters she has a cool nickname, with her real name being Kathleen, Kick is trendy and catchy. She has the combination of acting and politics, being the great niece of JFK.

Claire Distenfeld – At only 28 and big at fashion week, she has built a fashion empire with her store Fivestory. A New York treasure trove.

Julie Loomis – She’s a little like a young, female, princess version of Louis Theroux. She has recently produced a documentary called The Collectors.

Sophie Elgort – You may have heard of her brother Ansel. In my eyes Sophie is way cooler, a fashion Photographer who has a very youthful and vibrant eye. She follows in her Father’s fashion photographer footsteps and you can find her photos in Paper magazine, vogue and much more.

Hannah Bronfam – She’s every designers go to DJ-ing princess and rightly so, she’s the daughter of the guy who used to run Warner Bros.

Kyle Dewoody – She’s the trendy one, she swapped out her Manhattan castle for a Brooklyn cottage. She is big on the art scene.

The real life Blair’s and Serena’s. Each one of them has incredible talent in what they do, and royalty in their own right. They’re the next generation of New York’s rulers.