Camp Firewood Essentials

Netflix. Everyone’s technological best friend. Despite the news that it’s prices are increasing (not cool Netflix) Netflix always has a selection of amazing TV and movies. It’s latest addition is Wet Hot American Summer, is no exception. It’s  an original TV series that is a prequel to the 2001 film. It features all the old cast and is the best thing to binge watch this summer.

Camp firewood is the summer camp it’s all based upon. Going to camp means you have to pack light. These are the camp Firewood essentials, that would make any camp councillor proud.

The trick is to pack light. 2 in 1 products are the way forward. A tinted lip balm adds colour and moisturisers. A concealer with tea tree hides and blemishes and helps to minimise at the same time. A BB cream is not as heavy as a foundation, try finding one with SPF for extra protection. Body spray, wipes and hand gel is just a must, basic and important hygiene. 

If you haven't yet watched Wet Hot American summer the film or the TV show; Wet Hot American Summer first day of camp, you HAVE to, its the perfect combination of hilarity, immaturity and every single genius actor you can think of.


  1. i've just been scrolling through netflix and wondering whether i should start watching this but after reading this post i'm heading straight back to netflix to watch it!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE x