Soundtrack to my life

Music can make moments so special. It can sometimes say more than words, it can change your mood, relax or comfort you even make you cry. Music is very important to me, I am listening to it 60% of the time. I listen to it when I get ready, when I commute, when I write, when I work, I even listen to it in the bath.

When I think about my music, I think about different parts of my life, in my head my life is like a really long, boring movie…and my music is my soundtrack.

Much to my step Father’s delight, I have been through some pretty awful phases of music, I mean I am talking Gareth Gates and Bon Jovi…sadly I can’t cut those scenes out of my life, thankfully I have finally settled upon in my mind a little more decent music taste. I listen to new bands every month, sometimes when I have time I go see them play, and I nearly always sing along (very badly) to them when I am home alone.

So what is my soundtrack this month?

1.     Faded – Zhu
2.     Flame – Sundara Karma
3.     Like a daisy – Superfood
4.     Binocular – The Family Rain
5.     Rolling Stone – Hurts
6.     Tongues – Dear Rogues
7.     Human Animal – Total Giovanni
8.     A Knife In The Ocean – Foals
9.     Physical – Adam & The Ants
10. Black River – Wolf Gang
11. Fame – David Bowie
12. Begin By Letting Go – Etherwood

13. Sugar Me – Lynsey De Paul