Bratz is back guys. Yes the group of best friends that were our best friends when we younger is back.
They’ve had a bit of a redesign are now even cooler and prettier than ever.

I was lucky enough to go to their UK launch and learn about the girls and the awesome new kits you get. What I am loving is how current the new kits are, powered by hash tags and selfies the newly evolved dolls have a social media twist that is so relevant for the current times that any young girl would be ecstatic to get one.

The launched was filled with lipstick making, braiding and mocktails, one of the best press event I have been to. I was overcome with nostalgia and really wished I wasn’t about to turn 18 because these new dolls are amazing. That nude lipstick above is one I mixed and made myself with the help of the awesome guys at Mdmflow.

I was given Cloe and her Fierce fitness kit to have a little bit of a closer look. It was the Bratz I knew and loved but better, coming with a load of cool fitness related gear, you could braid Cloe’s hair or play dress up.

Brand new Bratz is now available in store, so if you are excited or have a little sister who is go and grab a kit now, they’re affordable and are so cute!