Best Brands For Teens

As teenagers our skin and bodies go through loads of changes. We suffer from hormones changing and a load of annoying breakouts. So when it comes to beauty products finding the best brands that are good quality is important. Also factors such as price come into it too. After a great deal of testing and usage here are my personal favourite brands for teens.

The body Shop. A brand that covers everything from hair care to makeup. It’s nearly always good quality and whenever you go into a store you can get the help you need to finding the right product for you. They have so many different products that what ever your skin problem is there is a product to help clear it up.  It’s affordable and good quality.

Topshop. A brand loved by teens it has on trend clothing and it now has it’s own cosmetic line too. Just like it’s clothes the own brand makeup is on trend and comes in colours perfect for each season. It’s affordable and good quality. Not to mention the packaging is super cute.

Cheeky, a brand owned by Soho house and sister brand to Cowshed. It has a wide range of cosmetics, to body mist and dry shampoo. It has cute and fun packaging that lives up to its name. As well as all the shades being perfect for teens and every product smells amazing!

Bourjois. Totally affordable and always coming out with new products. It’s got a load of shades and it’s good quality. It’s also easily obtainable and stocked in most drug stores. With a really wide range there are products something for everyone.

Chanel. A brand that yes may make your purse hate you a little, however with a high price comes really high quality. I can’t fault the quality. A growing number of teens are using designer cosmetics, for many a beautiful Chanel handbag is a bit too expensive however buying a good quality Chanel Lipstick that will last for hours is obtainable.


  1. I love bourjois products, they are so affordable and great quality also!

  2. Do you have any personal preferences for that brand.

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