Hair-grip Hacks

When it comes to beauty tips and tricks sometimes the smallest and most basic objects can hold hidden talents, whether that’s strange ingredients like charcoal or objects like toothpicks, sometimes the most mundane objects can be the most useful.

Hair-grips are useful in beauty anyway, they can fix you hair and hold it in place in a matter of seconds. Hair-grips can be used of modified in so many different ways to be even more handy. Here is the top 5.

The right and wrong side of a hair-grip has been highly disputed. The correct way being having the bump side down (bottom grip) by simply turning the grip around you can have even more hold. This makes your hairstyle last even longer.

This summer and festival season statement hair accessories are all the rage. By using three grips to form a triangle you can create a simple yet decorative hair style that’s on trend and holds everything together, looks super cute with half up half down hair.

Nail polish and hair-grips create two handy hacks together. The first being by painting the grip in polish you can create some really nice decorative grips. The other being that it is perfect for nail art.

Dry shampoo is perfect for those days between washes; it also works really well with hair-grips. Spray some dry shampoo directly on the grip before you put it in your hair for extra hold.

It’s crazy how something so small and basic can be used in loads of ways.