Stress Free Skin With Witch

It's that time of year again...exams are upon us. Some people start them next week, others may have already started either way when sitting exams stressed out kin closely follows. We have all experienced a stress break out at some point in our lives and! No other way to put really sucks!

So if stressing about exams wasn't bad enough, you then have the stress of bad skin on top of that, and trying to get rid of those annoying spots. Luckily Witch Skincare has come to the rescue. It has put together the BEST exam survival box known to man. No Joke it's pretty amazing!

 Everything to get you through this awful exam period was included. A super cute personalised notebook, How can that not make you smile when you are revising? Pencils (that say "be happy' and "you are lovely" - shucks makes you blush). Of course a pack of highlighters...a staple when revising.

When I am stressed out, I never eat right, sometimes I get so worried I can't eat. But the box contained all kinds of yummy yet healthy food, perfect o give you a bit of energy and make your body feel good. As well as some Chamomile tea - which is brilliant to drink just before bed to help ensure you get a good nights sleep.

Beauty sleep is so important with exams, I found a cup of chamomile tea and a spray of YOU sleep easy pillow mist makes sleeping that even more dreamier.

 The most exciting products and the ones that will really help battle against the dreaded stress breakouts are the witch products.

Blemish Stick - I have used this product for years, it helped me through my GCSE's and has always been my go to blemish stick. It starts working instantly and is gentle and kind to skin but really tough on spots.

Overnight Clearing Serum -  An overnight miracle, apply before you go to bed and after cleansing to wake up with visibly clearer skin.

Cleansing and toning wipes - Another Witch product I have used for years, they fit perfectly into a school bag and help to freshen the skin and tighten pores. I always used these on the go at school - they are perfect for exam survival.

Bursting Beads Face Wash - this contains small beads of witch hazel that burst on the skin. The Witch Hazel helps to fight excess oil and spots while leaving your skin feeling great.

Concealer Stick - Help hide those pesky pimple with this concealer, and the best part is it also helps to combat the spots too.

If all of that wasn't enough, there are the cutest little cards that act as pick me ups. Perfect for making you smile, motivating you and making you giggle.

Now there is no need to worry about breakouts!

*This was a PR sample - ALL views are my own*


  1. What a lovely package! Good luck with your exams!


  2. Such a cute package! I really love the idea of a 'stress-free' exam kit :)

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