New York Haul

No I sadly did not go New York...I know I am as heartbroken as you are. However my parents did jet off for a weekend to this sleepless city while I stayed home an binged out on Seinfeld.

So although I didn't experience the yellow cabs, the empire state building or the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Americans, I did get some gifts back from the city, which in my eyes are just as exciting. Gifts from other countries are always exciting.

Even though Sephora now ships to the Uk, the postage and other charges seem a little crazy, so I have never bothered ordering from there. Luckily it turned put that there was a Sephora right next to Soho House. I recieved a vey beautiful striped Sephora bag filled with red tissue paper...inside was a Balenciaga 25ml rollable perfume exclusive to Sephora. This is the best thing to fit into my bag, it's small and smells AMAZING!

I was also given the coolest makeup bag on the planet. Made by Pamela Barsky this bag states "Fashion is my boyfriend" it's humorous, vaguely insulting yet incredibly true at the same time. I love it, and it's now my most favourite thing I own.

From the looks of the photos it seems my parents had a fabulous time in NYC and they gave me the BEST gifts which I am so grateful for.


  1. Looks like your parents got you some nice stuff! Would love to New York, defo one on the bucket list! Lovely post!

    Becca x