Up & Coming brands on the block

New beauty brands and up and coming brands are always popping up, this is always really exciting. With each new brand there comes new products, new formulas and new must have products. So what beauty brands should you be excited about?

Founded by 3 rule breaking hair stylists/gurus and it already has an impressive 23 products to it’s name. For starters the packaging is amazing, gorgeous images in vibrant colours with catchy and unique names like ‘Death Valley Dry Shampoo” there are so many different types of products it would be impossible not to find one that gives your perfect locks of hair.

A makeup brand made completely up of sticks that are all bendable with the tips of your fingers. Founded by a cosmetic chemical engineer it’s safe to say this brand has a really niche concept. All products are enriched with skin loving ingredients, and due to their nifty stick shape make it really easy to fit into suitcases, bags and pouches great if you need to pack light.

Named after a Nordic goddess EiR NYC is a handmade organic brand for both men and women. It’s all cruelty free and packed with goodness, the brand only has 7 products but all products are great essentials in a cosmetic bag.


  1. Just caught on to this blog and its amazing really well done!.. Love this article about up and coming brands, im always wondering when new brands pop up what there worth is and this article is brilliant. To be honest before reading this i hadn't heard of any of the above but im already looking at purchasing! Thanks for a great article! Keep up the good work!.

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