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We all have those favourite scents and smells, it could be Mum's Laundry or the smell of a summer evening (which is my favourite  scent - I don't know why). I love how certain smells can make us feel different things like comfort. SO I caught up with Azzi Glasser the nose behind many famous perfumes, to learn even more about the making and designer of perfumes.

What's the definition of your job?

I am a Perfume Designer and have worked in the Perfume industry for over 20

years. I not only create the scent itself but also design the concept and the

packaging so that it tells the complete story of the fragrance.

I have worked with many Fashion Designers, Artists, Musicians and actors over

the years and I have a bespoke business where I specialise in creating

fragrances for individuals that portray their personality and style.

What are your favourite smells in the world?

I have many favourite smells – one of my favourite is the smell of Rain on

Earth, which, I recreated for an art exhibition in London and in Hong Kong as

well as for a project I did for David’ Cameron’s ‘The Great Festival of

Creativity’ on the smell of Britain. 

I love the smell of cut grass as it reminds me so much of childhood fun.  I also

really love individual ingredients, which I use a lot in my own fragrances such

as Vetivert, Sequoia Wood, Musks, Frankincense, Saffron and Myrrh.

What are the best and worst scents?

My first love of perfume was Je Reviens by Worth, which my mother wore and I

still always remember her giving me a kiss goodnight and leaving this incredible

rich expensive aroma lingering behind her. 

I also absolutely love the ‘Signature’ scent I created for Agent Provocateur and

also my most recent creation of ‘Ginsberg is GOD’, for Bella Freud. 

Right now though I am really in love with my own bespoke fragrance, which, I

created based on rich woods, which totally suits my style and personality, and

it makes me smile as I receive so many beautiful comments every day. 

My worst scents really have to be a lot of the mass-market fragrances that are

Fruity/floral/sweet they all seem to smell the same and release a rather cheap

aroma, which sticks to my nose, as they are quite strong.  I also really don’t

like some of the really expensive versions of oudh style fragrances particularly

in the niche sector that are obviously aiming to appeal to the Arabic customer.  

They just smell too strong and overpowering and not as a ‘fine fragrance’

should smell of but more like a masking air freshener.

 When designing do you take inspiration from anything?

I take a lot of inspiration from what is around me. It can be anything from

books, children, nature, art, interiors, architecture and my incredible friends. 

If there was any fragrance in the world that you wish you could've created

what scent would it be?

The only fragrance in the world that I wish I could have created would have

been Chanel No.5.  Not only because it is still probably the no.1 fragrance in

the world but it also crossed boundaries by overdosing the aldehydic notes in

the fragrance so it took risks and didn't follow trends, which most certainly

paid off.

 What's the design process like?

The design process for me is one of my favourite parts.  I drift off into my

fantasy world of visualising and sense it in my imagination just as Directors

visualize as they create their scenes and composers write as they hear their

music. I can sense the smell that I am about to create and how this creation

will engage the wearer and others around.  How this fragrance will suit and

personify the person or the brand in the most perfect way.

What are you're favourite perfumes you have made?

I adore all of the fragrances I have designed as they are all like my little

babies. So it is always difficult to choose which one is my favourite.  They all

have different characters, which of course then suit different styles of people.

So the best that I have created that suit my style would be Agent Provocateur’s

Signature, Bella Freud’s Ginsberg is GOD and also 1970 and Illamasqua’s Freak.

My absolute no.1 favourite though of all time, is my own bespoke I have

created for myself, which totally matches my personality and style.  I probably

receive around 4-5 comments on it a day too.  This will soon be launched when

my brand is finalised.

Azzi Glasser - Perfume Designer
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