Swatch In the playroom

A watch is a must have accessory, not only does it tell the time but it can also make a perfect fashion statement. Swatch has a brand new collection out called In The Play Room*. These designs are filled with wonderful nostalgia and the element of fun.

 Inspired by Pick Up Sticks, Scrabble, Monopoly and Operation you are bound to have fond childhood memories of at least one of the designs. For me- I have memories of all of them, a few of them of me being a not so dignified loser.

I love these watches, I find they are completely unisex too, I would happily wear them and so would my twin brother. These designs bring a sense of playfulness and fun to any outfit bringing our your inner big kid.


  1. These are SO fun. I've always loved Swatch watches, did you see the candy themed collection they did last year (I think) it was adorable. I prefer these ones I think because they are less girly.

    1. Same, I actually have one of those watches, I think these are much more wearable