Review: Pouty Lipzz

Big pouty lips are trending right now, especially with the rise of Kylie Jenner. For some people it can be hard to find a product to get the best pout without shelling out lots of money or going under the knife. SO I have been pouting my pout to the test with Pouty Lipzz.

Their caption " Kiss goodbye to thin lips with brand new Pouty Lipzz, plumping lipgloss" it's a clear gloss which is great you can wear it for a more natural look or apply it over some colour. What I really liked is that it actually moisturisers my lips when I use it, so it acts as a kind of lip balm too.

I already have fairly average lips I wouldn't class mine as thin, however I did see some difference if not massive. In some lights they looked even bigger and even in other lights there was noticeable difference, I think this product could be perfect if you have thinner lips. I loved putting it on because there is the tingly minty sensation the formula has.

A 7ml bottle retails for £19.99 which is fairly pricy however it moisturises and does make a slight difference.

*This was a PR sample but ALL views are my own*


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