Ohh Deer - I'm Getting Organised

March 19th is my final deadline for this term's assignment, and to make sure I achieve to my very best, I need a plan of attack. Luckily that's literally what I have thanks to Ohh Deer. To get my butt into gear I have this super nifty pad, which is split into four squares; Important and Urgent, important but not urgent, not important but urgent and finally not important and not urgent. This allows me to prioritise what essays to write first, which blog posts I should post first and to stop me procrastinating too.

Obviously to organise my week, I need something to write with, and to tide me over until Game Of Thrones starts again (in April) I have these GOT pencils, which have three of the most popular phrases from the show.

I know have no excuse not to hand in on time, not to tidy my room and not to post on time, it's going to be a gift and a curse, goodbye procrastination.

*These were PR samples but ALL views are my own.*


  1. Awww I love these! Everything from Oh Deer is amazing xxx


  2. This pad is so cute! Love it!

    Becca x