My top Instagram Accounts

Every morning and evening I have a prowl on Instagram. I love Instagram and seeing everybody's photos, the events, new launches, shows and general activities. So I have complied my favourite 4 Instagram accounts.

omgliterallydead is a comical Instagram account that follows Skellie the skeleton and her humorous adventures and activities. If you want to start your morning off with a smile, I suggest you take a look at this account.

The CR Fashion Book, is half magazine half book, it's always exceptional to read so it comes with no surprise that their Instagram is exceptional too. Amazing fashion and gorgeous photos and editorials await those who follow.

Fashion  and Beauty Monitor helps me to stay up to date with whats launching and going on in the industry, its educational and at the same time great to look at, what's not to love?

Diarydirectory, is similar to that of Fashion And Beauty Monitor, however this one focuses more onto that of beauty, so is perfect for all beauty lovers and bloggers out there, worth a follow so you can be the first to know.


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