Miss Sporty New Summer Launches

So we are now out of winter and with that comes an array of far more exciting colours in both nature and beauty products. Miss Sporty have a few new colours and products our for the summertime, to help us teens look our best chilling on the beach, at festivals or hanging out in the sun. All of these products come out April 9th, so not too long now.

Miss Sporty Clubbing Colour Nail Polish* I love having colourful finger and toe nails and as we are getting into warmer weather sandals and peep toes are tip toeing back into fashion, so to get your nails looking perfect and ready to rock a pair of gorgeous sandals, Miss Sporty have reworked their Clubbing Colour Nail Polish. This new formula dries uber fast so you can be ready with beautiful nails in under 1 minute. This new formula is also lovely and shiny, so if you don't have time for a top coat, no need to worry. I have to say I am loving this new formula, it's lovely to use and the colours are so vibrant not to mention they're only £1.99 these are so perfect for Summer.

I am one of those people who never tan, but Miss Sporty's New Morning Baby! BB cream Bronze* is perfect, I assumed it would come out a little orange for my pale skin, however it didn't at all. It gives a beautiful radiant, natural and sun kissed look. It helps to hide imperfections, soften the skin and brighten it too. Did I mention it's only £3.49?

Fabulous Eyes Glossy Shadow sticks* These are the must have crayon in your makeup bag. They're easy to use and glide across your eyelid making it super easy to blend and to get that smokey eye look. I found with the right primer these last for hours too, which is just what you want when the weather gets warmer. They come in 5 shades, which are perfect for spring and summer. RRP £2.99

Millionaire Water Resistant Eye Liner* These are perfect if you don't want to keep reapplying makeup in the summer heat, they last up to 8 hours and super pigmented, coming in four shades these are perfect and are only £1.99, I am loving the Winning purple colour, a little more exciting than black and perfect for summer.

These will all be available from Boots and Superdrug.


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