Mark Hill - Little Hotties

I am always in need of a quick hair fix, lately I have been turning to Mark Hill's Little Hotties, they are bag friendly miracle products.

I don't leave the house unless I have the Fabulous Finish Hairspray, it's a 50ml bottle of firm hold goodness.  it doesn't make the hair crunchy or thick feeling which I hate with certain hairsprays. This spray is the swiss army knives of hairspray, you can lift your roots, hold your hair styles and give your hair some texture, making it a necessity in any girls bag. I found my space buns stayed in place all day thanks to this little hottie.

Turn Up The Heat, Heat Protection Spray is the first product I use when I get out the shower on my damp locks. Since bleaching my hair, it needs a little bit extra TLC, so this protection spray is perfect for me to use before I start to style my hair or straighten it. It also smells pretty great and is perfect if you love to travel.


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  2. Nice blog post! :) I don't use hairspray everyday, but this sounds like a good one. Have a good weekend, Isabella x