Foundation Friday

This has to be my favourite foundation right now. Paul and Joe's moisturising fluid foundation is yes a little pricey, but it's AMAZING. I really mean that, I have had so many troubles with foundations, but this is the jackpot.

For starters it smells amazing, none of that gross foundation smell, this is infused with orange blossom so smells better than a Terry's Chocolate Orange. It lasts all day long even on my oily skin, which is great I don't even need to use powder. It keeps skin quenched and soft too, so really helps to combat any dry patches. It also makes skin look radiant. I purchased this when meeting Craig-Ryan French (Paul and Joe's beauty creative director) he said you want people to come up to you and say what nice skin you have rather than you have a good foundation. Within the first day of wearing this, an old friend of mine came over and said to me how good my skin was looking.

I couldn't recommend it highly enough, oh did I mention it has super cute packaging?

My colour is 201


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