Flamingo candles

Exciting times, Flamingo Candles new spring collection is out, and boy are they good.

I have Rose and Marshmallow and Mango and Dragon Fruit, both are new favourites of mine. They burn for ages, so for £12, you really can't argue it. 

The Rose and Marshmallow scent is sweet and floral, it's slightly more sophisticated and reminds me a little bit of clean clothes smell. "Floral and sugary, Rose & Marshmallow is the ultimate sweet combination. Base notes of sandalwood, musk, rose and orchid blend with fruity mandarin, cherry and raspberry and creamy vanilla, coconut and marshmallow."

The Mango and Dragonfruit candle smells amazing, I almost want to eat it. It's very fruity and tropical, and makes the room smell so good. "Exotic and punchy, Mango & Dragonfruit combines base notes of lily, rose and jasmine with fruity green leaf, peach schnapps, sweet orange, melon, mango and apple."

Flamingo Candles are a fabulous little British brand, hand poured candles from Soy Wax, in adorable jars. Each of these big jars can burn for up to 50 hours, having had candles from the brand before, I can say that it definitely does not lie about that, it possibly burns for longer. Out of the two I was sent the Mango and Dragonfruit is my favourite, but I am in love with both.

*These were PR samples but ALL Views are my own*


  1. the scents sound heavenly! really need to try these as i have read so many good reviews about them!! xx


    1. They are brilliant, a candle lovers must.