Style Saturday - Blazers and Badges

Earrings: Claire's
Bracelet: Charity Shop
Top: New Look
Blazer: Depop (Boohoo originally)
Necklace: Depop
Mom Jeans: Depop
Shoes: Topshop
Belt: My Dad's from the 70s.

My first outfit post which debuts my purple locks, I have to admit never before has my hair clashed with some of my clothes in my wardrobe.

I wanted to create a casual look with some grunge accessories, so I used statement earrings and a clip on septum ring. Since most of my outfit was dark and neutral shades I loved how the pom pom of this clutch bag clashes with my hair and adds some colour to the outfit. As you can see the majority of my outfit is from Depop, because it's a super addictive shopping app, but has some amazing items that may be sold out, up cycled, vintage or just generally awesome.


  1. Your hair is so, so gorgeous! Did you do it yourself? I love it!

    x x

  2. you hair looks amazing, and I love the outfit!! I so nearly got my septum pierced a few weeks ago but chickened out - a clip on one is such a good alternative, it suits so you so much man!! where did you get yours?? xx

    1. Thank you Matilda, I keep toying with it too, but chicken out, mine is just off amazon xx