Reflective Column - Miles Aldridge

Colour-saturated images with a 60s vibe, impassive faced models and disconnected stories. These are all things that I usually would hate, I would find it loud and crass however everything Aldridge does inspires me. He once said “‘They are blank because they’re overwhelmed by their world.” This quote seems so significant and so important in present time, he artistically comments on the world’s growing issues without dwelling on the negativity. Who knows maybe the colour lightens the mood a bit, maybe it’s because we share a favourite director (David Lynch) or maybe he is a genius, either way I find his photos to be the epitome of beautiful.

I first learnt of Miles Aldridge after a spontaneous decision to go and see his exhibition at the same of seeing the Bowie Exhibition.
It was a love at first sight kind of moment; the colours he used were so vibrant and alluring.
Each photo tells a story, and it’s done in the most elegant and feminine way. One thing that I instantly got excited about was the fact I saw some of his Father’s work at the Bowie Exhibition and then went to see his own exhibition (sad and unexciting in real life I know, but it stuck in my head).

His exhibition at Somerset house gave me a whole new respect for photographers, before then I only saw them as men and women behind cameras simply clicking a button, however now I see them as artists and creators, they are all geniuses in their own right. I wouldn't say his work is life altering however it gives you an entirely new perspective. It comes with no surprise that Aldridge works for top magazines and brands, who wouldn't want his masterpieces?


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