How to become a grape head

Yes I am officially a grape headed blogger, and as promised here is how I get my purple locks. I am calling this "Dye It Yourself" instead of "do". I have previously bleached my hair and if you have brown or black hair you will have to bleach your hair to achieve this colour, if you are blessed with light blonde locks you can put dye straight onto it (you lucky things).

You will need:

  • A Bowl
  • Conditioner
  • Something disposable to mix with
  • Bleach London Bruised Violet Dye
  • Feria Dip Dye Excess in Purple Punk
  • An old T-shirt
  • Gloves

1) Wash your hair and towel dry it, then put on an old T-shirt (I always get dye on mine, so make sure it's one that doesn't matter). 

2) I don't like having deep purple hair, so to get a light pastel purple/violet I fill the bowl with conditioner and then add half a teaspoon of each dye. (Bruised Violet and Purple Punk).

 3) Mix it together throughly with something disposable. I am using a wooden spatula. Mix it until it's all one colour.

This is my faded hair which I shall be applying the dye over, but it works on any light hair.

4) Wearing gloves apply the conditioner and dye on sections of your hair, ensuring you get all areas and roots. Then tie it up and leave it for 15-20 minutes. 

5) Wash out the dye, don't wash with shampoo (it will wash more of the colour out). The dry and style.

If it goes patchy put a higher concentration of dye onto the areas where the dye didn't take as much.
What I like about this method of dying is that it also doubles up as a conditioning treatment, and as I have fairly dead dry hair from bleaching, it helps to get my hair in much better condition.

Voila (or should I say Violet...bad pun).


  1. Your hair looks amazing Mia, I love it! I'd like to dye my hair purple, but I'd have to use a hella' load of bleach :(

    1. Thank you, Awh have a go with hair chalks x

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous, wish I was brave enough to dye my hair like this!
    Emily x

    1. Thank you, ah it's not brave, go for's super fun x

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  4. This is so lovely Mia, really suits you. I would love to do a pastel shade but so scared of bleaching my hair again as it really wrecked it. You should check out the new colours from Colour Freedom in Superdrug, I just used one of them and they are great!