Coolest Brand - Comme Des Garcons

Comme is a brand that means a lot to me, probably because it’s pretty much all my Step Father wears, you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I have folded a Comme polo shirt. I think because their is that element of nostalgia and a home feeling to it I connect instantly with the brand. Not only that the founder also founded my favourite store Dover street market, which to me is basically an emporium of my dreams. Comme’s collabs are perfect each collab is designed beautifully whether it be a pair of trainers with Converse or a teddy bear with 10 Corso Como.

I would class Rei Kawakubo as a fashion revolutionary or a heroine, she really merges the line between fashion and art, Comme Des Garcons play is well... playful (as the name suggests), wearable and effortless. Comme Des Garcons on the other hand is artistic, thought provoking and rebellious. It's different, and is exactly what the fashion industry needs, I'm bored of the classic Louis Vuitton pattern, or the basic Ralph Lauren polo shirt and the well known Chanel tweed jackets. It is so refreshing to have a brand that is wayward to the rest.

Sure, a lot of the comme things I would not wear, I am not confident enough to wear. That doesn't mean I love them any less, walking into Colette and seeing the different masterpieces displayed, is like walking into this perfect and effortless exhibition. Every time a new collection comes out (or should I say Commes out) it breaks an entirely new set of rules, and just when you thought you'd seen everything, your mind is blown by the genius or Rei Kawakubo again.

My words will never do the brand justice, however the words of much more talented writers and fashion goddesses might, I whole heartedly recommend you grab a copy of Elle Collections and read the article "Why Comme Rules"


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