Reflective Column - Why Fashion?

Why’d do I like fashion?

Despite being a fashion school student I never have really truly given this question much thought. What is it about clothes and style that draws me in? Why did I choose it over doing A-levels?

I guess to me in comes down to expression. I use my blog to express myself and I do the same with clothes, I love how they can express a feeling or emotion and how they can convey your personality, sometimes even your music taste and of course the time of year (cough Christmas jumpers).

It’s not just the wearing of clothes that I love; it’s watching the couture shows, looking at documentaries, going to exhibitions and just generally immersing myself in the industry. I have been to London Fashion week for three seasons in a row and I can tell you it’s the highlight of  my seasons. The carefree vibe and simply watching everyone (I am a people watcher, what can I say?) is magical, it’s like being part of a real life art installation, as to me fashion is a beautiful, passionate art form.

It’s controversial, it’s subjective and it pushes boundaries, whether it’s a statement Tshirt from the legendary Katherine Hamnett or a remade coat by Christopher Raeburn made from re-appropriated German Military snow camouflage ponchos.

Nobody’s sense of style is the same it’s like a snowflake or a set of fingerprints. I like how it’s opinionated and it’s debatable and it can reflect you.

So to end this reflective column I suggest you hit play on the video below and let Madonna do her thing.


  1. This was a really nice post to read! It is always nice to hear people who are passionate. I find a lot of people do fashion because they think it is 'easy' or it is 'cool' Its neither. its hard work, really hard work but it can be the most rewarding. Keep being inspired :)! Good luck with it all! xxx
    - -

    1. That's so lovely of you. Thank you. I agree completely xxx

  2. Very nice reflection!!! Sometimes we don't even know why we love somethings so much! I really enjoy your blog!!! Thank you for your great posts :)