Honey I'm Hoommmeee! (Giveaway)

 Honey I'm hoommeeee! the ultimate cliched movie greeting seemed like a perfect fit for this post. As you may have noticed I have just moved house over Christmas literally the worse time you could move house right? It's safe to say that my last four weeks have been literally packed with...well packing!
I lived off Mcdonalds, dreamt about boxes and ended up living in leggings and a Tshirt...not my finest four months. However I am back to sitting in my new room (which has really hideous orange walls - paint will be arriving soon) and writing. I probably couldn't put into words how much I missed writing, the activity of expression with words...or as my previous english teachers would define it 'painting a picture with words.' 

Due to packing up literally everything in the first week I had three weeks of thinking, I cam up with a few CRAZY ideas (I am putting it down to over tiredness)  but some great new ideas for my blog, so stay tuned!

So to make up for being here and as an apology I am doing a giveaway. 5 Of you lovely readers could win a DVD of the brand NEW step Up 5 DVD. Remember how I did a DIY makeup and hair on it here

If you love street dance, or dance then this DVD is perfect it has some great music and awesome dance moves, even if this film isn't your cup of tea then you could win this for a friend. Not only does this have some epic dance moves (some of which you could do at home) it has a great sense of style, and it's a very visual film too.

I watched this film twice over Christmas, I really recommend it and this giveaway is worldwide so ANYONE can enter!

*If you are under 16 please have a parent on guardian's permission
*If the winners don't come back to me after one week I will pick another
*I am not responsible for any damages or losses during postal service.

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  1. This was on my Christmas List but no such luck.

    I love all the others but not seen this one yet! xxxx

  2. This looks great, I love these films, fingers crossed!!