Coolest Store - DSM

 One thing about being in London on a daily basis are the shops (although my purse would beg to differ).

My favourite place to go in between lectures is Dover Street Market.  Dover street Market was created by Rei Kawakubo founder of fashion brand Comme Des Garcons.

Naturally there is a lot of Comme around the store including an awesome Comme T-shirt shed. However it’s not just the astonishing amount of Comme that they stock they have some of the beast designers around, such as Phoebe English another big favourite of mine and a designer who has just been on Forbe’s  30 under 30 list in the art and style category.
DSM has an air of effortlessness too it, it’s understated, urban and trendy. From giant perfume pillars to old shacks the visual displays are incredible. It’s the best department store if you are into design, they have countless installations and a lot impeccable designers and collaborations.

If you are in London, New York, Beijing or Ginza I recommend you pop into the store.



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