A brief history on Repetto

One of the most quotable things Marylyn Monroe has said is “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” She could have easily been talking about the brand French brand Repetto.

This brand has quite an amazing history, it was started is 1945 by Rose Repetto where originally she designed ballet shoes in Paris, I find this fascinating as  I used to go to a dance school where  I did ballet almost everyday. It was in 1956 however when a former dancer asked for a pair of flat ballerina pumps that Repetto’s legacy was born.

In 1999 when Jean-Marc Gaucher took over some really exciting collaborations started to take place with the likes of Comme Des Garcons (a personal favorite of mine) and Karl Lagerfeld.

In 2012  they launch a ready-to-wear collection inspired by the dancer’s clothing. It resembles a ballerina, elegant, feminine and graceful.  

Repetto just has elegance about them; my feet feel so beautiful when wearing the shoes. The leather is like no other, it’s so soft to tough and so comfortable you can tell so much attention and time went into each pair.


  1. They are so pretty!xx