This Works - It really does.

This Works in transit camera close-up that is a mask, moisturiser and primer in one. It acts as a mask underneath makeup reducing signs of dryness, redness and fatigue. It has a very nice almost herby smell. I really love it for this time of year as it acts as a barrier and protects my skin from my makeup and city air whilst giving it all the nourishment and moisture it needs.

It works prides itself on being pure, effective and eco friendly. So if you are worried about where your products come from and how they are tested you don't have to be with This Works. 

I have to say I love this primer, it leaves my skin feeling moisturised, radiant and dewy. It creates a really nice canvas to apply my foundation to and helps even out my complexion too. It has been saving me from dry patches this winter, so I really recommend it for this season.

*This was a PR sample*


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