Choosing the Right Party Dress

The weekend finally rolls around and you get to dress up and go out! But do you have the right dress for your occasion? Party dresses for women are notoriously hard to shop for, but with a few simple tips,
your hunt will go smoothly. Here's our guide to choosing the right party dress—and looking great in it.

1. Consider the season – Different seasons call for different party dresses for women. In the
summer, a sun dress will work for virtually any occasion, while the rest of the year can be a bit
trickier. Look for a versatile dress that will work well in autumn, winter and spring depending on
the accessories you match it with. Shawls and jackets can go right over a good party dress, while
a change of jewellery can give the same dress a totally different look. 

2. What is the formality level? – Not every party calls for the same kind of dress. While many
 different types of events call for a party dress, you can generally assume there are four kinds of
 parties: casual events, work events, sexy events and formal events. Casual events include things like barbecues and a night out with friends, where you can be a little experimental and playful and you don't need to be formal or overly sexy. Work events require something that is attractive and a little formal, but still not too sexy. For sexy events, like going to the club or on a date, you can start to bring out a little more of your seductive side, but probably don't want to go too formal. And last, very
formal events like weddings will require your most put - together look. It's hard to get one dress that will work for all of these occasions, but by changing out shoes and accessories, two dresses (one a bit sexier and one more reserved) can cover them all.

3. Shop based on your body type – This is where so many women go wrong. In general, you want to choose a dress cut that will draw attention toward your best features and balance out the less flattering areas of your body. Party dresses are no different. Each dress will have certain features that are more dramatic, whether they include an open collar, a flare below the hips, or a plunging neckline. These are the features that will control where the eye is drawn and what first impression the
dress will make. If you're not sure what dress style will work best with your body type,
 remember that an A-line and empire are both versatile cuts that can look great on a wide variety
 of women.

4. Fit trumps everything – Once you know the kind of cut you're looking for, your job is half over—but only half. The fit matters just as much. Even the nicest style of dress is going to look somehow off if it's too baggy or too tight. Remember, even a cheaper dress with a few inexpensive alterations from a tailor is going to look better than an expensive dress that doesn't quite fit.

5. Colours and patterns – Many colours may look great on you, but it's important to know what those
are and avoid the ones that wash you out or make your fake tan look, well fake. It's also worth
noting that solid colours are a safer bet than patterns, particularly if you're worried about your
waistline. Patterned fabrics can easily show off curves in ways you'd rather they didn't. Solid
colours will make the cut of the dress the main line that the eye follows.

What do you look for in a party dress?

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