An evening with Paul & Joe

How could I say no to an event with a makeup Christmas tree? The other week I was invited to an evening with Paul and Joe Beaute.
Paul and Joe's makeup is inspired by those first memories of makeup, you know the ones, where you watch your Mum, sister or gran apply her makeup. For me mine was my sister, I would sit on her bed and avidly watch as she draw her eyeliner with such precision, I was never allowed to touch as I was too little, but now I am very pleased to announce I can finally touch her makeup, because when ever she is over she manages to steal mine. It's safe to say Paul and Joe put the packaging of any other makeup and beauty product to shame, it has the kind of packaging that makes you want to do your makeup then take it off again and re apply everything just so you can look at the pretty packaging again. What I am blown away by is that not only does Paul and Joe have brilliant packaging, but it's product quality is impeccable, I have been using some Paul and Joe products for about a week now and I am blown away by them, they really are exceptional. 

The event was held in Knightsbridge and we had the creative director of Paul and Joe Beaute Craig Ryan French (who is also a makeup artist) showing us how to become eyebrow gurus with some of Paul and Joe's latest eyebrow products. He showed us the tips and tricks, how to achieve the perfect brow for your face shape. I am going to compile everything I have learnt in a different post, so stay tuned.