Step Up 5 : All In-Get Andie's Look

Getting ready for dancing is something I am no stranger too, I spent 5 years training at a specialized performing arts school, where I would have dance training every single day. I now have become a little bit of a pro and making sure my makeup stays put and my hair doesn’t come out of place (it took me many a bad hair day and many a melted face of makeup to discover).

Since Step Up 5: All in is coming out on DVD, it made perfect sense to get inspired by the film (I remember watching the first one on repeat when it first came out) and create a relaxed, urban dance look that could be worn dancing. This look was inspired by the lead girl Andie, who has an effortless style.

1.     Prep the face, clean and cleanse the skin and apply your favourite primer (I personally use Benefit’s Stay flawless 15-hour primer)
2.     Apply your foundation evenly, you can use a brush, sponge or your fingers. I am using Chanel’s Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation.
3.     Now apply the blusher, to get Andie’s look, you want it too be a natural shade with a hint of colour.
4.     Andie’s not wearing too much eye makeup, so I am using Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palate to just lightly brush on a flush of colour.
5.     Underneath eye apply a dark brown eye shadow, very thinly. This makes the eye stand out but it’s not as harsh looking as an eyeliner.
6.     Lengthen your lashes with mascara.
7.     When dancing you makeup can sweat off a bit, to set my makeup I like to use a translucent powder over the top.
8.     Finally add the lip colour, since Andie is very natural use a warm toasted nude colour.

1.     Spray sea salt spray in your hair to help get those beachy waves.
2.     Use a hair want to get some more defined curls. Don’t worry if they are too tight as they will drop slightly.
3.     Apply a powder styler. My go to powder styler is by Fudge Urban it lifts the roots and acts a bit as a powder hairspray.
4.     Ruffle your hair up.
5.     Apply the black beanie.

It’s as simple as that! The hair and makeup will stay put, look effortless and feel great. So all you will be worrying about is the dance moves rather than your hair and makeup.

STEP UP 5: ALL IN is released on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD on 1st December 2014 and you can already pre-order the film on Amazon: .

 I totally recommend grabbing a copy of the film, it’s perfect for any Christmas present, slumber party and any aspiring dancer. Even if you have two left feet you will thoroughly enjoy the film (plus there are some great songs on it).