Coping With City Skin

It's been about 6 or 7 weeks since I started going to fashion school in London, and in those weeks my skin has change drastically.
Due to some of the harsh conditions of London and the dirt, my skin has well...rebelled. Goodbye clear forehead, hello nasty breakouts, oily skin and dry patches.
To keep up with my evolving skin, I have had to use a variety or products.
Sure not all of these pesky skin problems are just because of London, there is of corse those dreaded and inevitable hormonal breakouts and weather change too.

But here are the products helping me through this...rough patch so to speak.

First off we have the new DHC pore cleansing facial oil. It smells and looks like soap, which I will admit has caused some confusion in our bathroom, mainly from my brother who isn't clued up on his beauty products. Despite the soap like appearance, this great product has helped me out loads. It's so gentle on the skin which is great for my dry patches and it does really help to refine the pores, I also noticed my breakout areas look less inflamed and red. I was very impressed with the way it worked, and have not missed a daily cleanse with this product since receiving it.

Next we have the Handmade Naturals face cream, very gentle and natural which is what my skin needs after a long day in the city. It's light weight and skinks into the skin quickly, which is exactly what I like. It goes wonderfully under my makeup too. It smells amazing and has some great ingredients in it, which help with problem skin. So it hydrates the skin as well as fighting off spots and oily skin.

To finish it all of, my next product has not left my side, it's my Zit zapping side kick from Elemis FreshSkin, it's the 'skin clear treatment gel' not as harsh and hardcore as other brands, this anti blemish gel is gentle and effective, it reduces the pimple in a matter of hours without drying out the skin. I found it's important to get the gel directly on the spot rather than around, but this gel is might in shining armour when it comes to dealing with breakouts.

These were PR samples but ALL views are my own


  1. I've noticed my skin can change even when just visiting a big city like London for a few days! Thanks for sharing.

    Amy x