Benjamins phone cases

With the large rise in technology, a girls phone is never far behind her, well usually it's glued firmly in her bag or pocket, which means the phone has become a bit of an accessory, accessories customise the outfit, which is why customising your phone can make a great fashion statement.

Benjamins, an italian phone case company is my latest technology obsession. The phone cases are cute, fun and fashionable. I took the popcorn case to fashion week and it looked so great with my outfit.

Benjamins has such a wide range of colours and designs, that there really is something for everyone, whether you are a rocker, girly girl or tom boy you will find something that tickles your fancy. 

I think you can tell a lot of things from  person's phone case, and as you can see from the selection I have, I am a beauty obsessed, food lover who has an unhealthy obsession with Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas, I think Joseph phone cases will be perfect and make the perfect gift for Christmas, they are affordable and beautifully made.