What I wore to Fashion Week

How cute is this picture? Swatch had an awesome Photobooth!

So I know it's now October, and LFW now seems like a lifetime ago, but here is my very belated 'What I wore to fashion week' post. As I always say "better late than never"

Top - Topshop
Skirt - Cheap Monday
Shoes - Nike Flex 2013 Run
Necklace - Etsy

I always remain under the firm view that I want to be comfortable and myself when going to Fashion Week, it was my third season and I finally knew what to expect, so I also knew that my feet would hurt if I didn't wear anything else but my comfy Nikes.
My skirt, ah my skirt. It has to be one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe, not only is it from a favourite Scandi brand of mine (Cheap Monday), it's also so easy to wear with anything, it's a bit of a statement but the muted colours still give it an element of understated.

Now it makes me very sad to say that this is officially my last LFW post of the season!


  1. Awh you look gorgeous! Lovely photos:D

  2. Your blog posts are so helpful! :) I always get outfit inspiration when seeing what you wear x

    If you like blogs like this, I'd love for you to check out mine, I'm sure you will LOVE IT :D