Outfit collab with Kylie

Hat - Primark
Top - Kylie*
Shorts - Kylie*
As you all know September is my birthday month, on September 4th I turned 17. Not only around that time was it my birthday but it was also Kylie at M&Co's 25th birthday. So I teamed up with Kylie to create a bit of 'party outfit.'

My favourite piece has to be the white blouse. It's a perfect wardrobe necessity, you can wear it with almost everything and dress it down and up. This one is great because it does not look like a school blouse, it's sheer with cute sparkly detailing that makes it perfect for any celebration. You do have to wear a top underneath, but that's great as it allows you to bring more colour into the outfit. The sleeve as beautiful on this, there is an element of dainty puffiness in the sleeves which give it a little bit of a victorian feel but the fact that the sleeves are rolled up give it a lovely modern edge. It's a traditional and modern.

You can't really go wrong with a pair of high waisted shorts. These ones are so so comfy and they go great with almost any colour shirt. As it is getting a little colder, I think wearing shorts with tights underneath it always a good idea, and with these shorts you can do that. This pair is actually perfect for both summer and winter (great investment). The thing I love most about these shorts is the colour. A dark purple is so perfect for Autumn/winter it's bang on trend.

You can pretty much wear any kind of shoe with this outfit, it's basic and perfect for any birthday, celebration or party. Kylie has some fantastic stuff up on their site right now, so it's definitely worth a look.