My Must Have Hair Products

I am always jealous of those people who roll out of bed with just amazing hair. So after lots of testing and trying I have found the necessitates to help get gorgeous hair.

First up The Babyliss Diamond waves wand. It's unlike any wand that I have seen before in that the actual wand looks wavy. It has 5 different temperature settings which go up to a hot 210 degrees. I was so impressed with how fast this heated up, it's so quick (which is great if you are getting ready against the clock).  This isn't really for ringlets, it's for those effortless beachy waves. It retails for £30 and it's really amazing, I am very impressed with it. Forget sea salt spray, this is the way forward.

Next; two Label M products. The texturising spray and shine spray. Both smell amazing and are some of the best products I have. The texturising spray is almost like a cross between a dry shampoo and a hairspray (which means it works really well with the babyliss wand). It works wonders on the hair and really holds and volumises it. It retails for £12.95 which seems like a lot, but it's such a miracle product that I think it's work the investment. The Shine Spray smells AMAZING, I love it.  I use this after styling to finish off. It reflects the light giving your hair this amazing shine that you could only dream of! It retails for £12.25.

Finally if I decide to tie up my locks I use Busy Bee Company's hairbands. They are so cute and stylish and hold the hair perfectly. They also look lovely as a bracelet on your wrist when you are not using them.

These were PR samples but ALL views are my own


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  2. love love love label m so much i wanna try the texturising volume spray

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