Music & Magazines - Food for the soul

I am finally back at my desk and writing, I always get an immense amount of pleasure when it comes to writing, it's a wonderful creative outlet, an outlet however that lately has been a little bit neglected, it isn't because I have lost inspiration, it's because every time I sit down anywhere I have an over whelming desire to sleep, this past week involved me taking some time out. As it turns out getting up at 5:45 in the morning and commuting in and out of London is a total killer, but I am back and I think that's all that matters.

Speaking of commuting however, this post is all about what I do with that time, I have over 2 hours a day on a train, so how do I pass the time? Music and magazines, just like many teenagers, bloggers and fashion students, I combine my love of music and magazines to pass the time. If you are looking for some new bands to chill out to, listen to on the train or even the school bus and if you are wanting to find some new magazines then this list is for you. It's a list of bands that I love so much I always have an overwhelming desire to sing along to on a packed train and hope that the rest of the carriage joins in (of course I do control myself) and magazines that are so inspiring it makes me want to work for them in the future.


1. Wolf Gang - I have listened to this band for about a year now. It's this awesome sound thats different, mellow and just great. I first heard them on an episode of some TV show, and ever since I've had a Spotify playlist of them. They have a Symphonic rock sound, but it's very calm. They have even teamed up with Burberry, I personally Love Black River and Lions In Cages. It's my go to band if I need music for relaxing, working and blogging.

2. The Middle East - Again very mellow indie band. It has a nice fresh sound that I love and the songs are perfect if you are home just relaxing. This band is very versatile and fits into so many genres that there really is kind of something for everyone. My favourite song has to be Blood.

3. Company Of Thieves - This band is just epic, for starters my favourite sone is Oscar Wilde and the music video recreates a scent from Wes Anderson's second film 'Rushmore' (also one of my favourite films) so in my eyes this band is pretty awesome. Again it's an indie sound, but it's just so great. If you don't want to listen to them, you have to at least watch the Oscar Wilde Video!!!


1. Phoenix - I have just subscribed to this magazine, and for just under a £10 for a year's subscription you cannot fault it. It has everything I want in a magazine, fashion, art, film, design, beauty and music (all the things I am interested in). Each page is different, quirky and just designed beautifully, from a simplistic approach to amazing collages. I am in seventh heaven reading this, and recommend it highly.

2. Wallpaper* - this is a fairly expensive magazine, but one that is worth every penny. It reads so well, and has many design lead pieces it covers fashion to travel. Also if you are planning a city break Wallpaper* also do some fabulous city guides. ( This isn't a sponsored part of the post the '*' is genuinely part of the name).

3. Vs Magazine - I first picked this up in the airport somewhere, which thinking about it was such a silly thing to do as one, I paid double the usual price and two, it was A3 size so it didn't fir in my carry on, and I had to hold it the entire journey. Regardless of all of that however, I am so glad I picked it up. It's such an amazing read, the editorials are gorgeous and each piece of writing is truthful, interesting and intriguing. So go out and get it! Just don't do it at the airport.