Chanel Christmas collection

I always get so excited at this time of year, I have accomplished over half of my Christmas shopping, wrapped everything up and written the cards, but it's not just the gist giving that gets me buzzed. It's the new collections that come out!
This year the new Christmas collection that I am most excited about has to be Chanel. I am a sucker for anything beautifully presented and Chanel always is beautiful.

I love the colours this year they seem bang on trend, warm and sparkly which is all vital for any winter collection. I should start by saying that all the colours are Limited edition, which makes them that little bit more exciting. 
When I first saw the christmas collection I was instantly appealed to the shape of the actual powder especially the Camelia De Plumes illuminating powder which has the shape of holly. It is a translucent powder so will suit anyone and it will give a warm sparkle to the cheek bones.

I am also loving the look of Illusion D'ombre Envol, a shiny peachy pink colour to go on your eyelids. I like this, as I never like to have too much colour on my lids, so this shade is perfect, it adds a flush of colour and compliments the eyes, it can be worn on it's own or you can blend it with some other colours from the range.

Since I am on the subject of peachy pink colours 'Volage' the new shade from the rogue allure range is another thing I am excited by. It is a very girly pink, it's natural and understated which I think is perfect for Christmas, it is soft and the colour is very versatile so it will go with pretty much any makeup, it will also suit anyone!

I a loving all the shades in this collection but these have to be my top three by far, I can only comment on the colour and what my first impressions are! I think the collection overall is understated with a bit of shine and sparkle however there are flushes of spicy red. Over all I am very excited about this collection and it has certainly got me in much more of a Christmassy mood if that's even possible!

The Chanel Christmas collection launches November 7th, so start counting down the days, I know I will.

Here are my top three products!


  1. I love the look of the illuminating powder, so cute

  2. Your blog posts are so helpful! :) I NEED that lipstick!

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