An interview with Handmade naturals

I have recently been introduced to a really amazing brand, Handmade naturals. It's basically exactly what the name implies; natural and handmade beauty products. Before I do a review, I wanted to speak to Rossi the very lovely owner and maker and find out all about the brand.

1) When was Handmade Naturals Created? 
Handmade Naturals was created in early 2007 after i struggled for months with my daughters persistent nappy rash and cradle cap, discovered what was in the mainstream baby products, got worried, replaced everything with natural versions which i felt could be improved. I had a go myself, in our kitchen, made a nappy balm for my daughter. Then onto my own skin issues, lots of trials and errors, another product was born.

2) what inspire you to create Handmade Naturals?
 There isn't much out there that is natural, affordable and made in the UK. There are many pseudo natural brands, often I'd see something in a shop, advertised as being 'pure', 'natural', 'organic', i pick it up, look at the label and put it right back. Many brands say their products are 'paraben free', but use other chemicals, which are just as bad. Our motto is 100% natural ingredients, nothing synthetic. If we can get an organic oil without making the product expensive, then we do that. We also try to buy fairly traded ingredients. But we'd never compromise on the 100% natural principle.

3) what's your favourite ingredient you use in your products?
 Plum Kernel oil, Argan oil & Shea Butter . I love the marzipan scent of the plum kernel oil, and the softness and calmness of the skin after applying argan and shea butter.

4) what occurs in the day in the life of Rossi?
 Making sure the kids are up, dressed, fed and out of the house on time for school. My daughter is now 8.5 , my son nearly 12. I then tidy the house and come to the shop - there is always making of products to be done, or labelling, or ordering of ingredients. I am here until 3-4 o'clock for the return school run. As a mum, there is always something to do at home too - cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing. Around.the.clock.haha.

5)what are your personal favourite products that you make?
Unscented hand & body lotion (it smells of marzipan), super hydrating face cream (love its scent and how soft my skin is afterwards) , plum & avocado cleanser, sensitive shampoo & conditioner, the refreshing foot cream in the summer and the mandarin lip balm (year round).

6) any tips for anyone looking to create their own beauty products?
 Keep it simple, look in your cupboard. Not everyone can make everything, come check our website for what you can't make hahaha.


  1. Sounds really interesting, it's great to find out some more about this brand as I didn't know it before!

    much love xxx

    1. Thank you and it's a lovely brand x