Topshop:The Teen makeup Masters

Left 'Two-Timing' Right 'Rendez Vous'

Swatches from left to right|| Blush in flush, Beguiled,Wheels On Fire, Smitten and Crave.

Topshop is in my opinion one of THE best places to get makeup for us teens. It has an incredibly wide range of colours and shades, at a affordable price and with amazing long lasting quality. The shades are always on trend, which isn't surprising as Topshop seems to always be pretty bang on when it comes to trends.

I have a little selection of products, that I am loving in some great colours that are perfect for Autumn.

Let's start with the one with the cutest packaging. The Blush in 'Flush' in very cute spotty packaging with a handy mirror it's something that should go into any makeup bag. Flush  is a very natural peachy shade, it has a hint of pink but it's just the right amount so it's not loud on the skin. The formula is very lightweight. It's classed as a cream, but I think it feels like a cross between a cream and a whipped mousse. I love that it's not the usual run-of-the-mill powder blusher. This is deigned to melt into the skin and give a nicer finish and glow, which it does. Downside is you can't use a brush, fingertips are the only accessory you can use when it comes to this. It retails for £7, which I think is very pocket friendly for the quality.

It's the start of a new season, and with that I have decided that I want to be daring enough to change up the colours I wear. Toppshop's lipsticks have every shade you could imagine and Topshop lips in 'Beguiled' is one shade that I would never usually imagine myself wearing...until now. It's a deep red or wine colour, and perfect for Autumn. It's now a shade I can't stop wearing and one that goes so well with Autumn  colours. The formula is creamy and moisturising, so when it's on it helps prevent dreaded chapped lips and gives a great matte finish. I am one of those people who eats off their lipstick really quickly but this lipstick must have magic powers as it last for ages!!! I would say it lasts well into the afternoon before another application is required.

One necessity in every makeup is a lipliner, to get those perfectly shaped lips. This Lip Liner in 'Wheels On Fire' Is a great colour. It's a bit bright and red for me, but if you are a fan of bright red, then I really recommend it for you. It doesn't smudge which I give it a big thumbs up for, however it's very soft which can make it a little bit of a fiddle to apply and a little messy. For £5 though, I think it's worth the investment as once you get the knack to apply it, it's great.

Not only do Topshop do great lipsticks, they do great Lip Bullets which are perfect for quick application. Topshop Lip Bullet in 'Crave' is a nude shade and perfect for the understated makeup look. It has a satiny finish rather than the matte finish the the lipstick has. It lasts for ages too, which I am impressed with. I did find the bullet does lose it's shape pretty easily, but it's still very easy to apply and still a really great product.

I love a good gloss like any other girl. Gloss ink in 'Smitten' is well...bright! It's a bit bright for day time, but perfect for night and parties.  It's a high shine finish gloss, so it's pretty much as glossy as you can get. You can however blot it for a more matte stain finish. It's lightweight and not sticky like some glosses can get. Overall I love it and it's long lasting formula!

Now that I can wear nail polish whenever I want without worrying about the school rules, Topshop's Matte Nails in 'Two-Timing' and 'Rendez Vous' are my go to polishes.  'Two-Timing' is an ornagy yolky colour, it's bright and really great for Autumn. 'Rendez Vous' the lilac colour is a little less bright than the orange and a little more understated. Both dry very quickly and have  great matte look. 'Rendez Vous' needs about three layers of colour as it's quite thing however 'Two-Timing' needs about two.  Both last for about a week without chipping which for £6 I think it's pretty good going. Overall I am very happy with it.

So there are my Topshop selections for this Autumn. What is your favourite shade this Autumn?

*These were PR samples, but ALL views are my own*


  1. topshop definitely is one of the best places for makeup! especially for anything to do with lips!

    love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE ♡

  2. I love the orangey nail varnish! I am definitely going to have to get my hands on some!!

    Amy Caitlin xo |

    1. Such a lovely colour! Totally recommend! x

  3. Great picks!! Love the nail polishes!! x Isabella