Review: Chill Hair

Chill have some amazing 'ed stain' hair dye which is perfect to use, it lasts for about 10 washes, and looks amazing! Like most dyes it works best on bleached hair. I found that it didn't need really bleached blonde hair to work and be vibrant, it worked just as well on that orangy/straw like blonde.

The first thing I found when using it was how good they smelt. No nasty chemically smells, it actually smelled a little like shampoo, which made the application process that little bit nicer. Another great thing about these dyes is how mixable they are. For example if you wanted hair colours that blended into each other, it's totally doable. The toner was great too, it made one colour into an entire spectrum. It meant you could have a slightly navy blue to a bright pastel blue all in one tube!
I was also impressed with how long it lasted, it lasted a good 5 washes before it started to noticeably fade.

So how did I use it?
  1. Bleach the hair (unless you already have light blonde hair)
  2. mix the desired colour, to do this make sure you use a plastic spoon and a plastic bowl so you don't ruin anything (to keep the parents happy).
  3. Apply to the bleached section.
  4. Wrap in cling film to ensure it stays in place.
  5. Leave for 30 minutes.
  6. Wash out.
As you can see it's pretty simple to do, just make sure you wear gloves as hair dye can stain pretty badly!

*PR samples - But ALL views are my own*


  1. These sound really good! I've recently dip-dyed my hair purple, so I'm definitely interested in the quality of different hair dyes (especially if they smell good! ^-^)
    - F -

    1. So glad you like the sound of them. x

  2. I really want blue hair now! haha! Great post!