Forever 21 X Models Own

I love it when a great store and an awesome brand come together. Models Own and Forever 21 have teamed to create a collection of polishes and beauty products to be sold online and in stores across the world.
I have been sent a few colours from this collaboration all of which are perfect for us teens!

I often wear shellac and gel polishes, I love the way it doesn't chip and how it's shiny and glossy. The downside to wearing shellac and gel is that it can make the nails very weak. Models Own's Hyper gel is a gel effect polish. This means it gives the appearance of gel without actually being gel and weakening your nails (it's a win win). I have two shades here 'Blue Glint' and 'Cerise Shine' both are so shiny that you don't need a top coat at all. I was impressed with how fast the drying time is for these, especially since the formula is quite thick and pigmented. It really does live up to it's name, it was just as glossy as gel and lasted longer than normal polish. I did find that it didn't last as long as gel polish, but it did last longer than normal, so I was very impressed. They were chip free for just over a week.

The yellow polish is a scented one called 'Banana Split'. I hate bananas, but this smells AMAZING. Think back to those childhood days of foam bananas and that's the smell, very nostalgic to me. The top has a little Scratch N' Sniff sticker on, which I think I have probably worn out from smelling it too much. The colour is a feast for the eyes...and the nose! I found three coats worked best, and it lasted about 5 days before chipping, which isn't amazing, but it smells great! I would totally buy this again, as it is such a fantastic thing.

I created a few little and very very very simple designs. The top one is just a french manicure style design. Simply paint a base colour wait for it to be completely dry, then apply some sticky tape to use as a guide for perfect manicure lines. To finish paint the colour on the tip.
The bottom design, is so quick. Paint a base colour, get a cocktails stick and dot some other colours on the tip.

My favourite colour has to be 'Blue Glint' what's yours?


  1. I love the pink and blue french tip nail design! You're right the blue glint is gorgeous :)

  2. The yellow is gorgeous!! I love your last design with the dots, pretty and fun xx

    Izzie xx

    1. Thank you, it smells as good as it looks! x

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