An Urban Autumn

Top: Johnnie B*
Dress: Johnnie B*
Shoes: River Island
Belt: Vintage
Bracelet: Gin-ki*

Autumn is really upon us, no more clutching on to the hope of summer sun, it's all about preparing for winter, dark brown and yellow colours and wishing for snow. For me Johnnie B's Autumn line is gorgeous, and I personally feel that a lot of it channels an awesome 80s vibe, which I am in love with. The pinna for dress will be a necessity for me all through Autumn, it's something that will be great in the cold as you can layer under and over it, also it's really versatile and pretty much ant long sleeved top will go underneath.

With the start of school or the Fashion Retail Academy for me in London, it's time to get easy back to school hair. I love messing around with my hair and I have found Fudge Urban products smell amazing and are the perfect products to keep your hair looking it's best through out the day.

I started off by spritzing my hair with the Sea Salt spray* while it was still damp then scrunching it up in my hands. This gave my hair a lovely texture and body, giving it a slight wave. Once it was dry I used the powder styler* in my roots, this just gave my hair even more body and ensure the body would hold all day as the powder styler provides lasting styler. After I prepped my hair with these products I plaited my hair and put it into two pig tails. To finish it all of I spray my hair all over with the Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Hair Spray* which smells amazing and leaves the hair still flexible but keeps it all in place.
I can't recommend the Fudge Urban Products enough they will become the ultimate hair companions, with cute packaging and a nice smell too.

These were PR samples but ALL views are my own!


  1. Such a pretty dress! :) The iced rasberry and vanilla hairspray sounds amazing :)
    - F -

  2. I love that stripy belt and the top, I am a big fan of stripes! :D