The Perfect Smokey Eye Products

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Trying to get the most perfect smokey eyes can be so hard, but I have discovered the best products to use, to help you along the way to getting the perfect smouldering eyes just in time for the start of Autumn. 

I always start with my brows, since eyebrow game is getting bigger, I find the BDB brow gel is perfect to tame any unruly brows. This is perfect to get lovely groomed eyebrows and also great if you want messier eyebrows for a slightly different look. What's great is this gel doesn't make your brows feel congested or clumpy yet it still holds all day long.

The main thing for smokey eyes, is of course the eyeshadow. Chanel's Les 4 Ombres* eyeshadow in 'Smoky eye' is well...perfect for the smokey eye look (the clue is in the name). It contains 4 shades from a silver to a white, that are perfectly blend-able.  I start by using the shimmering pearl colour on my eyebrow bone the slowly blending that into the light silver colour. To define the smoky eye look I use a tiny tiny bit of black into the corner of my eye and use the gun metal grey colour in my eyelid voila... the perfect smokey eyes!
The next step (and product I am most excited to talk about) is eyeliner. Chanel's Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Ebene*, might just be the best eyeliner I have ever used. I always always always struggle with liquid liner so usually I use one of those fancy pen style ones, however I always find it smudges and I end up accidentally channeling the panda look. This eyeliner is soft and is in a pencil/crayon form (which is my eyeliner of choice), however this lasts literally all day long. It beats any gel, liquid and pencil eyeliner I have ever used. It has gotten me through hot commuter trains, a few school interviews and just general every day life. This eyeliner is the best investment anyone could make, I totally whole heartedly recommend it, and it goes perfectly with smoky eyes!

The mascara completes this look, having long lashes to bat is great. Benefit's they're real is perfect. It lengthens the lashes and lasts all day, really making the eyes pop. To get killer lashes though I use Jica Lash treatment*. You simply apply it over the top of your mascara when it's wet. It's lash fibres that stick to your mascara and give your natural lashes volume and make them look full and long. It's a great product to use, and lasts all day, however the only thing is some of the fibres fall off onto your face, but they simply brush off.


  1. Perfect, I always need help with smokey eyes!