The Niche Brand To Brag About

This month's niche brand to brag about on Teenage Beauty Blogger is Orico London, an award winning british brand with a difference. This brand is specially designed to help cleanse and look after urban and city skin.
A city can do a lot to skin, with pollution, heating and air conditioning, it can leave the skin feeling a bit down and lifeless. Orico is designed to cleanse deep down removing the dirt from the pores and to gently look after the skin. Orico stands for Organic Rich Ingredients in Cosmetics & Oils.

The range that I have been testing is the 'streetwise' range, designed to help to protect skin from the urban environments. I am always in and out of London, sometimes it's for shopping trips other times I am commuting whatever the reason my skin always feels the same, it feels tired and like it needs a good cleanse. So I have been using Orico's Streetwise cleanser and day cream.

The Daycream contains lots of natural antioxidants and actives that help to smooth and rejuvinate the skin. It's light and sinks in fast. The Face Wash smells great and it too is filled with lots of natural goodness and antioxidants that replenish and gently cleanse the skin.

I have to say this has been such a pleasure to use. It all smells wonderful and really is the best thing to use after a long day in the city!