The Ballad Of Denim & Stripes

Top - Johnnie B*
Dungarees - Asos
Scarf - Monki
Shoes - H&M
Pouch/Clutch - Monki

The Autumn preparations have started. I have mixed emotions about Autumn, the start of a new academic year, the season where I turn 17 and one season closer to cold Winter. Of course the start of a new season does mean a wardrobe update, and you can't fault that (well maybe your wallet could).

I don't think I could live without a striped top, I wear them all year long, in the Spring and Summer I wear short sleeved ones and in Autumn and Winter long sleeved. This one is from Johnnie B, it's comfy, cosy and warm, perfect as the months get colder. A stripy top goes with so much, an Aline skirt, pinafore, 'Mom' jeans and even dungarees. Making this the perfect addition to an Autumn wardrobe.

Even though dungarees are a one piece there are so many different ways to wear them, it might be up, folded down or off the shoulder. Not only that you can change the top underneath to pretty much anything in any colour, if you want to look casual a T-shirt does the trick or if your want to look smarter a blouse underneath is the way to go.

These ankle boots are great, they're in a cream colour which is subtler than a bright white, they are also easy to dress up and down. Not to mention that added height, which as a fairly short person I can't say no to.

I can see myself wearing my Monki scarf all Autumn and Winter long, I love it. It's eye catching and warm, which means it's practical and makes a statement.  It's safe to say that I have been crushing on Monki a lot lately, so to accompany my Monki scarf I had to get this super cute Monki pouch. It holds an incredible amount of things, it's like a tardis.


  1. such a cute clutch. and love how you styled a classic striped top and made it your own.

    1. It's a super cute clutch! Thank you so much xx

  2. I like your preppy grungy combo! I'm feeling pretty mixed emotions about this one too - you starting a levels? I'm turning 17 too which I'm excited for!
    lily x

    1. Thank you! I am indeed, ah happy birthday for then! x